Mini Festival Party Decoration Toy Cartoon Animal Balloon

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All the balloon made of aluminum film, the balloon has metallic luster, and uniform color and beautiful shape! It can be used repeatedly, and it is convenient to inflate and deflate. Don’t throw it away once.After inflation, pinch the air nozzle to prevent air leakage.The size of the product is measured manually, and there will be errors.Our products are made of high-quality aluminum film, which will not be easily exploded.There may be slight chromatic aberration when the product is photographed in kind.If you need more quantity,the price will be lower.

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As shown in the figure,there are other mini balloons.Such as the mini rainbow,its size is 270 mm * 430 mm.The mini colored unicorn’s size is 420 mm * 270 mm.The size of the mini rainbow smiling face is 430 mm * 410 mm.And the size of the  mini sunglasses flower and mini boy sunflower is 440 mm * 350 mm .And the mini female sunflower’s is  420 mm * 350 mm.And the size of the mini pink unicorn is 420 mm * 270 mm.Some of them are baby balloons,just like the mini bottle,mini baby,mini stroller.



The size of the mini bottle is 241 mm * 402 mm.The size of the mini baby is 250 mm * 430 mm.The mini stroller’s size is 304 mm * 396 mm.The mini crown’s size is 440 mm * 430 mm.Mini balloons are very cute and are very popular with children.Mini balloons can be matched with other conventional balloons or large balloons.Mini balloons displayed next to large balloons will add more beauty.These are applicable to the baby's first birthday party or baby’s full moon birthday party.These mini balloons can be matched with letters balloons that will the best decorations for birthday or the other parties.Let's hold a lovely party together.

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