Merry Christmas Party Decorations, Mylar Foil Balloon

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All the balloon made of aluminum film, the balloon has metallic luster, and uniform color and beautiful shape! It can be used repeatedly, and it is convenient to inflate and deflate. Don’t throw it away once.After inflation, pinch the air nozzle to prevent air leakage.The size of the product is measured manually, and there will be errors.Our products are made of high-quality aluminum film, which will not be easily exploded.There may be slight chromatic aberration when the product is photographed in kind.

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The picture shows balloons about Christmas.Santa Claus is here with a present!As shown in the figure,there are the garlands Santa Claus hand stick,Santa Claus hand stick,Christmas tree hand stick, carnival Christmas hand stick,blue Christmas hand stick , the green Christmas hand stick and Santa Claus hand stick.All of the hand sticks’ s size is 300 mm * 500 mm.And there are some round balloons,such as the Christmas party round ball,Christmas gift round ball,Santa Claus and children round ball,balloon Santa Claus round ball,Christmas party round ball,bells Santa Claus round ball and lantern Santa Claus round ball.



The size of the round balls is 450 mm * 540 mm.

The size of the green gift Santa Claus is 650 mm * 921 mm.The size of the Christmas tree with strings of lights is 840 mm * 930 mm.Santa Claus head’s size is 540 mm * 960 mm .And the Christmas tree’s size is 720 mm * 570 mm.In foreign countries, Christmas has become a national holiday, which can be compared with the New Year, similar to the Spring Festival in China.Every Christmas, Santa Claus will drive a sleigh pulled by a deer from the north, enter each house through a chimney, put Christmas presents in socks and hang them on the children's beds or in front of the fire.Let's wait for Santa's present!

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