Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

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All the balloon made of aluminum film, the balloon has metallic luster, and uniform color and beautiful shape! It can be used repeatedly, and it is convenient to inflate and deflate. Don’t throw it away once.After inflation, pinch the air nozzle to prevent air leakage.The size of the product is measured manually, and there will be errors.Our products are made of high-quality aluminum film, which will not be easily exploded.There may be slight chromatic aberration when the product is photographed in kind.

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Isn't it dad and mom who love us most in the world.Father's love and mother's love are the greatest love in the world.Parents are Superman.Every year, the second Sunday in May is the official Mother's Day.And the second Sunday in June is the official Father's Day every year.Filial piety has always been advocated. As a child, it is necessary to implement gratitude to parents in daily actions, and it is also necessary to give parents a sense of ritual in festivals.So,these balloons are all about father’s day and mother’s day.These are expressed in Spanish. The theme of this balloon is applicable to the whole world.There are four kinds of the Mother’s day series.The size of the heart balloon is 455 mm * 480 mm.



The size of the colorful Spanish father’s day round ballis 440 mm * 510 mm.The size of the Beard Spanish father’s day round ball is 440 mm * 510 mm.The size of the Spanish father’s day cartoon round ball is 440 mm * 510 mm.The size of the black Spanish father’s day round ball is 440 mm * 510 mm.If it is paired with other balloons,the effect will be better.You can match it with the other balls ,hand sticks an so on,so as to match various themes.

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