Peppa Pig Cartoon Toy Balloon for Kids

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All the balloon made of aluminum film, the balloon has metallic luster, and uniform color and beautiful shape! It can be used repeatedly, and it is convenient to inflate and deflate. Don’t throw it away once.After inflation, pinch the air nozzle to prevent air leakage.The size of the product is measured manually, and there will be errors.Our products are made of high-quality aluminum film, which will not be easily exploded.There may be slight chromatic aberration when the product is photographed in kind.If you need more quantity,the price will be lower.

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The balloons of Peppa Pig series are shown in the picture.

There are the father pig wrist,the George wrist,the Peppa wrist,the mother pig wrist,the Suzy wrist,the Candy wrist,the Danny wrist,the Zoe wrist.The size of all sticks is about 185 mm * 325 mm.The size of standing daddy pig is 670 mm * 830 mm.The standing Mummy pig’s size is 610 mm * 820 mm.The size of the standing Peppa Pig is 490 mm * 730 mm.The standing George’s size is 410 mm * 510 mm.There are the deep sea adventure Peppa,baseball George, rowing George,deep sea adventure George.These are conventional sizes that is about 500 mm * 600 mm. Not only the wrist and conventional balloons,but also the long stick



The long stick’s size is 230 mm * 690 mm.And You can choose to match it with  birthday suit. The George excavator and Peppa airplane are very popular with boys.  And there are the Christmas’ Peppa Pig.Then you can match with the Christmas theme party.Balloons in the space  series are also very popular.And the HAPPY BIRTHDAY suit is printed on Peppa pig.It’s so colorful.You can choose the color you like.Peppa Pig's animation shows children various initial life experiences, which can help children learn and spend their first life experience.Peppa Pig's animation has the most concise painting style, close to the story of life, and has taught us the correct code of conduct.Let's grow up together with Peppa Pig.

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