PAW Dog Shaped Aluminium Toy Balloons

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All the balloon made of aluminum film, the balloon has metallic luster, and uniform color and beautiful shape! It can be used repeatedly, and it is convenient to inflate and deflate. Don’t throw it away once.After inflation, pinch the air nozzle to prevent air leakage.The size of the product is measured manually, and there will be errors.Our products are made of high-quality aluminum film, which will not be easily exploded.There may be slight chromatic aberration when the product is photographed in kind.

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Paw's 4

The shield’ balloon is printed with Chase and Marshall.The size is 481 mm * 574 mm.The size of the blue paw and red paw are 400 mm * 423 mm.There are also balloons with cartoon characters.The sit Skye’s size is 507 mm * 583 mm.The sit Chase’s size is  440 mm *730 mm.And the size of the sit Rubble is  393 mm * 610 mm.The sit Marshal’s size is 393 mm *710 mm.

The big dog hair’s size is 850 mm * 480 mm.The size of the big blue edge Archie is 820 mm * 490 mm.And the run Chase’s size is 450 mm *618 mm.And the size of the big head running Skye.The PAW in the animation has its own division of labor when rescuing. It is organized and planned to accomplish any task well, just like a successful person doing everything. Let children see such planned actions from childhood, and when they grow up, they will develop a subtle, standardized and organized distinct personality style.The atmosphere created by the PAW is very sunny and positive, which is what our children lack and pursue in life. Watching this sunny cartoon with parents and children for a long time can lead children to an active and positive attitude and strong self-confidence.

All of that are used for the decoration of birthday party, children’s day and the other party.If it is paired with other balloons,the effect will be better.

paw 4

Paw's 5

As shown in the figure,all of these are the mini size.

The mini sideways Chase’s size is 252 m * 447 mm.The size of the mini sideways Skye is 257 mm *447 mm.The mini sideways Rubbble’s size is 252 mm *447 mm.The size of the mini sideways Marshall is 248 mm * 448 mm.And the mini positive Chase’s size is 212 mm * 443 mm.The mini Rubble’s size is 220 mm * 444 mm. The mini PAW Patrol Chase’s size is 214 mm * 444 mm.The mini Paw patrol Marshal’s size is 215 mm * 444 mm.The mini sideways Skye’s size is 240 mm * 420 mm.In addition to these mini cartoon balloons, there are also long stick series.The size of the Marshall long stick and the Chase long stick is 270 mm * 830 mm.The Rubble long stick’s size is 261 mm * 810 mm.And the Skye long stick’s size is 263 mm * 808 mm.There are the blue sky PAW PATROL round ball,blue background Everest round ball,blue background PAW PATROL,feet PAW PATROL,medal PAW PATROL round ball,skateboard PAW PATROL round ball,play PAW PATROL round ball,three PAW PATROL round ball,green background Rubble round ball,PAW PATROL round ball,Puppy Marshall round ball ,Puppy Chase round ball.All of that are used for the decoration of birthday party, children’s day and the other party.If it is paired with other balloons,the effect will be better.

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